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Crafted Pint Ads is a unified ad creation tool that you can use to create and publish ads to Our Website and our wide audience.

We support the following ads

  • Text Ads: You can add text, description, and a sponsored URL to your business from our website.
  • Image Ads: This is where you can place an advertisement to attract your viewers with an eye catching image banner ad to drive traffic to your digital presence.
  • Listing Ads: Promote your listing with a simple click. Choose listing from the dropdown and promote it in a certain page or section of our site.
  • HTML Ads: Place and HTML code of your advertisement on our website.

Terms Used In Create Advertisement Form:

Title: A Title for your ads/campaigns

Zone: The section/page you would like to display the ads

Ad Type: Choose the type of advertisement from the dropdown

Target URL: If you are promoting an external website or link, enter the URL here